Do you dream of blissful laziness among sandy beaches and the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea? It is only January but maybe it would be worth planning your holiday vacation? Today we have prepared a short organizational guide for you that will help you plan your dream vacation in Sardinia. You are ready? Then let’s start!

Step one – planning …

Each journey, no matter if it is near or far, should be started with careful planning, especially if you are an amateur and have not made such long trips so far.

At the very beginning, you should set the date of your vacation in Sardinia (find Sardinia first minute offer ), the most beautiful and at the same time the hottest temperature there is, of course, in the summer season – from May to the end of August. What’s more, you can also organize a trip to this mysterious Italian island in September, then the temperatures there are optimal, so if you are not a fan of heat and heat pouring from the sky, off-season holidays will certainly pay off for you, not only for this reason.

Traveling in the off-season also has several other advantages, in addition to lower temperatures of tourists in resorts and on city streets, there will also be less, in addition, prices for accommodation or meals are much lower than those applicable in the season, when sellers are focused on the highest profits.

Let’s go back to the topic of our planning, once you have set the initial date of your vacation in Sardinia, think about how much money from your home budget you can spend on vacation, it will allow you to better control the expenses related to the trip.

Now think exactly in which area of ​​Sardinia you would like to go – whether it will be one of the older towns or perhaps a popular seaside resort. Take into account whether you are a supporter of active or passive leisure.

Sardinia is a small island full of tourist attractions, with something for everyone. The island is located in the Mediterranean Sea, thanks to which the beaches are surrounded by azure water, while the cities are filled with ancient buildings and historic walls.

Step two – organization of the trip, alone or with a travel agency?

Organizing a trip to Sardinia 2020, contrary to appearances, is not as difficult as it may seem, of course, if this is your first attempt, you may feel slightly embarrassed.

Traveling with a travel agency is a good solution for all people who do not have too much free time, then the matters related to organizing the entire trip are dealt with by the travel agency, you as a customer do not have to worry about buying air tickets or booking accommodation. However, the price of such holidays will range from PLN 1,500 to 1,800 per person, organizing a holiday yourself will allow you to save up to PLN 500.

So how do you go on vacation to Sardinia? If you have already set the destination of your trip and the duration of your vacation, now you have nothing else to do but book a flight ticket and accommodation. We encourage you to take advantage of the offer of cheap air carriers, in recent months a significant part of tourists from Poland travels in this cheap way. As for accommodation, here you can choose a hotel or rent a room from a private person, use the “airbnb” website, read the current offer and opinions of other users and then choose something suitable for you.

Step three – packing and buying guides

A dot over the “i” of all stages of organizing a holiday in Sardinia will be packing your luggage and buying guides. Packing suitcases is the bane of every vacationer, how to pack so as not to forget anything? The easiest way to deal with holiday sclerosis is to prepare a list with all the necessary things that we want to take with us for vacation. Documents should be taken into account (ID, passport, EHIC card, driving license, etc., medicines, clothes, cosmetics and care preparations. It’s best to prepare such a list one week before packing your suitcases – remember, never leave it for the last minute. Also pay attention to the validity of all documents – if any of them is invalid or its deadline expires soon,be sure to contact the competent authority to submit an application for a new document.

Head to a bookstore or other point that sells Sardinian guides, and be sure to stock up on a few handy books. They will be useful especially if you are traveling alone, on your own. There you will find a lot of interesting information about the history and monuments located in Sardinia that are worth seeing. If you are a foodie, you may be tempted to buy a culinary guide to Sardinia, which will allow you to wander in the footsteps of the most delicious regional dishes and delicacies.