Facebook took over the internet a few years ago. Even the youngest users use it and consider it part of their everyday life. The number of Facebook users is already estimated at over 500 million. No wonder, because it has actually made life easier for many years. It allows you to keep in touch with friends, join groups, meet new people, add photos, thoughts, or express your views and confront them with other people. Facebook marketing potential has long been noticed.

Companies more familiar with network marketing tried their hand at the portal, which, due to the large number of users of all ages, turned out to be a very deliberate move. Facebook also met them, creating the possibility of creating a company profile or creating and managing advertisements. Whether,whether you have been running your corporate Facebook page for some time, or are you just going to appear on it – it’s worth taking a few moments to read the following marketing tips. Marketing on Facebook is based primarily on creating your website. Some may wonder if they need it if they have a website. In practice, these are two different things. The website mainly provides our customers with information about products, the company, photos are available on it or goods can be purchased. It can be compared to a leaflet that the customer reads. On the other hand, the profile on Facebook allows you to interact with users, i.e. potential customers.

Therefore, it enables a kind of conversation, exchange of ideas, comments, and not just a dry stream of information.Marketing on Facebook includes taking care of customer relations by maintaining contact or responding to their needs. Thanks to this, users perceive us not only as a company, but as a natural, other person. It is obvious that thanks to the trust they have in us, they are more likely to buy more. Marketing on Facebook is also based on searching for employees via the Internet. Contrary to appearances, it is a great place for this. We can not only advertise recruitment for our company free of charge, but also talk to potential candidates using the messenger, or even check on their profile whether they are actually the people we are looking for. The profile of its users says a lot and you can find a lot of information on it, including about the completed school. Many users are unaware of this.Marketing on Facebook also means positive relationships and contacts with people such as representatives, suppliers, producers or other service providers who are willing to extend their hand to us with a proposal for cooperation. It is also worth undertaking such cooperation with other users, especially from industries similar to ours. How to make a lot of people visit our profile and stay with us for longer? First of all, our content must interest them. The products and services we offer must be catchy and make people entering our profile stay longer. For this to happen, it is worth introducing marketing activities on Facebook consisting in regular website updates, frequent entries, posting good-quality and interesting photos, catchy videos. It is worth organizing contests, games for people who like our website,quizzes – it also attracts new people. Another important thing may be linking to our website to products of our friends and doing the same. This is a way to get new followers.

Another way is to organize promotions that can only be used by people who like our Facebook page. An element of Facebook marketing is also meeting the expectations of our followers – to find out what they expect, we can create a survey or vote. In today’s world, people are moving away from reading. Pictures or films appeal to them more. It’s worth recording them from time to time. In them, we can tell you something about our company, familiarize yourself with habits, or show the production of our products. If we follow the above recommendations,our marketing should bring the intended effect and the expected customers.

However, there are some things that must not be done. They are, among others: persuading people to like our website, not replying to comments or private messages (we will certainly remember this), ignoring observers, criticizing or insulting people who follow us (news about it will spread at the speed of light), creating a page, if we’re not going to care for it. Good facobook marketing is showing users that we are active (at least once a day) and available if they need our help. Let’s publish photos, posts, share links, create polls, let’s meet the expectations of our followers. If we take care of our website and customers, we will certainly create a brand,which will gain trust and bring profits.