What should you know before choosing a tooth implant? If, for any reason, we do not have a tooth, most of us are looking for solutions that could solve this problem and get rid of this complex. The dental industry today is extremely wide and there are really many options to choose the best possible solution. One of the most frequently chosen options are dental implants , which give the possibility of providing the highest quality service that will pay off with a beautiful, full smile.

However, before we decide on a specific solution without professional knowledge, we should familiarize ourselves with the subject, see what implantology is, what the procedure itself looks like, how to prepare for it. The more we know, the more confident we are and that we have chosen the best solution for us.

Dental implants are titanium screws that imitate the root and, after screwing them into the bone, they grow into it, creating a basis for screwing an artificial tooth to it. Although implantology is not cheap and you have to take into account its high costs, it is undoubtedly very safe, and also effective, which is what the client expects. The desire to have a beautiful smile, the choice of such a product can meet the expectations, requirements and needs of each patient in 100%.

Are dental implants safe?

One of the fundamental issues that are extremely important to us is the safety of using this type of solution. It is true that when they appeared in the 1960s, they were significantly different from those available on the market today. Today , dental implants are completely safe and they perfectly replace the roots. What’s more, implantology is still moving forward, and this makes the service itself much safer.

How long does the entire procedure of implant placement take?

The implant placement itself does not take long, but before we enjoy a completely new tooth, we must be patient. At the beginning, visits are made to check the condition of the oral cavity, perform an X-ray examination, and define an action plan. Then a hole is made by drilling into the bone. If the bone loss is too large, a procedure is performed to build it up. After such surgery, it takes three to six months, depending on where the implant is to be placed, for it to grow into the bone and act as a root. After a specified time, this place is cut again and a special healing screw is inserted, thanks to which the tissue healing process runs even more efficiently, and the gum obtains the appropriate shape. After two weeks, you can insert a crown, i.e. an artificial tooth.

Are dental implants better than standard prosthetic restorations?

Until recently, most people opted for standard prosthetic restorations. So what are such activities? The teeth adjacent to the cavity are ground and a so-called prosthetic bridge is attached to these teeth. Due to the fact that healthy teeth are significantly damaged during such procedures, dental implants turn out to be a much better solution, because such a solution does not burden the adjacent teeth in any way. What’s more, such bridges move very often, cause discomfort, frequent visits to the dentist, and the implants become as strong as real teeth thanks to titanium ingrowth into the bone. Nothing moves, does not slip, does not get caught. Full comfort is guaranteed, regardless of whether we decide to have one tooth or to make all the teeth.

When is the best time for dental implants to be inserted?

When considering where is the best time to fill the gap in our dentition, 8 – 12 weeks is certainly the most favorable period. This is because during the first two to three months after tooth extraction, a new bone is formed at a given extraction site. The process of bone loss itself takes place much later. When we put on dental implants , the titanium screw replaces the root, it connects to the bone and there is no such loss. The implant itself stimulates the bone to function, regenerating the tissue and complementing it properly. When the implant is integrated with the bone, a previously selected crown can be attached to the screw, which will perfectly reproduce the tooth, creating a beautiful smile again without any deficiencies.

Many people wonder whether, having an implant, you can easily eat any kind of food, bite, chew, or fully laugh without fear that your tooth will fall out. Calmly. Dental implants are the highest quality products in the world of dentistry. An artificial tooth in this design fully takes over the functions of the tooth and behaves in the same way as the natural one. So we do not have to worry in any way that this one will fly out or that there will be any culinary restrictions. This selection is the best that everyone can choose.