To sell a product, we need to present it well. The colors among which it presents itself are very important in its exposition. In marketing, colors are of great importance. A jewelry store can show it. A good jewelry store has its own website. When entering it, in most cases we can see the colors: black, burgundy and gold. While gold does not surprise us, because the jewelry store offers gold products, it is strange that it does not appear there.

However, gold, like black and burgundy, are the colors that we associate with something exclusive and expensive. And yet a jewelry store is exclusive and expensive. We would look at these products completely differently if they were surrounded by, for example, orange and light green. It would immediately lose its value in our eyes. Also when buying the same product,it may be of different value to us. Everything depends on our associations. The jewelry store knows this and uses it.

Let’s try to remember some silver jewelry store. Now imagine that his logo is bright green. When we go inside, the decor is in the same bright light green and bright orange. The jewelry store offers us a ring that we plan to buy for our engagement. We will get it in a blue package with pink flowers. Now imagine the same shop that has a gold logo, entering the interior is golden black. The packaging of our ring is burgundy and the inscription is gold. The second description is easier to imagine because it is closer to reality. In the first one, it might seem that we did not buy an engagement ring offered by a jewelry store. Only a plastic ring offered by a toy store.

These are our associations with these colors. This shows how they affect our psyche.In the first case, after leaving the store, we would wonder if we were deceived, it would seem to us that the ring is of lower quality than it really is, and that we have certainly overpaid. However, in the second case, we would be satisfied with the purchase of the same ring, the price would seem adequate to the product, and the quality would be better than in reality. All this depends only on the colors that the jewelry store presents, not to mention other factors such as the decor, the color of the light, the clothes of employees, cleanliness or display of goods. It would be easier for us to trust a seller in a jewelry store who is wearing a suit than if he was wearing a tracksuit. We would feel better buying jewelry in a store that looks nice than buying it in a grocery store from the 1980s and giving it to us from behind the counter,lady in an apron, adding vinegar for free.

It is true that depending on how a given silver jewelry store ( silver bracelets ) looks, we can leave so much money in it. It is also important how satisfied we are with our purchases. If we are happy with them, most likely the next time we visit a jewelry store, we will be the first to choose the one we recently shopped at, unless it looks like an 1980s store or has a bright green logo. Then, after shopping, we will not be satisfied, so we are unlikely to return to it.

The fact that a jewelry store can afford to use certain colors is because it sells exclusive, expensive items. Imagine a black water bottle with gold inscription water. Rather, it would not arouse our sympathy, but looking at such a bottle, we would think that it is some special, more expensive water. Most of the products in black or gold packaging seem more expensive to us. We associate bright colors with products for children. So changing these colors by the store and using the wrong colors will make the customer feel confused. On the other hand, a lost customer is an unhappy customer, and an unhappy customer is a customer who does not return to our store.

When it comes to a jewelry store, it is very important. We usually visit such a store several or several times in our life. Therefore,whether we return to it or not is of great importance. If, after one shopping, we will be satisfied, we will most likely return there again. If we are satisfied with the jewelry store again, we will not think about it next time, but we will come to spend our money in this store. Since we are to spend a lot of cash, we prefer to do it in a proven place than risk it. A proven place is one after leaving which we feel happy and sure that we spent our money well, and it is not about a small amount of money, which is why it is very important for both us and the store. That is why the jewelry store is not only fighting whether we buy something in it, but also whether we will return to it, that is why it tries to make the best impression on us and make us feel happy in it.