Every woman going to a wedding or a wedding reception wants to look good and elegant, and at the same time wants not to overshadow the bride with her outfit. What to do to look good and feel comfortable?

Preparations for a wedding party for the fair sex

The wedding season is very long because it starts already in spring and often lasts until late autumn. Therefore, with the first, stronger sun rays, the first wedding ceremony begins in April, and with them, wedding receptions. Choosing a lace dress is quite difficult as the market offers many possibilities. It includes a lot of styles, lengths, colors and materials. Often, this is also just the beginning of the preparation of the entire outfit, because the whole thing is complemented by: makeup, hairstyle, handbag, shoes and jewelry. Therefore, when choosing an outfit for such a party, it is also worth taking into account the type of skin, body type and your own taste.

Before buying a dress, you should consider a few details, because it is, above all, a special day for the bride and groom – especially for the bride. Therefore, white is avoided when choosing a dress for a wedding, because in the opinion of many it is a color reserved only for a wedding dress. Pastel colors, such as lemon, mint, blue, pea, fuchsia or powder pink, can be a good choice. Of the stronger shades, an interesting color is the dress: cornflower, burgundy, orange, yellow, cobalt, red, green (especially the shade of bottle green), gold or silver. A black dress is considered a gaffe, because it is too serious for this fortunate occasion. Additionally, black is considered to be the color of mourning.

Another aspect that is taken into account when buying a dress is keeping minimalism. Strong patterns, but also an excessive amount of decorations should be avoided. This does not mean that a wedding dress should not be unique and stylish. However, at a wedding party, simple styles that look beautiful and guarantee comfort during this long, intense day which is a wedding and a wedding reception are great.

Originality is also related to the cut of the dress, because you can choose a fashionable and unique outfit. However, this will work for one or two options. The second, more economical move is to buy a classic dress. You can certainly wear this one several times, only changing the accessories. An additional advantage of the classic outfit is the fact that it can also be worn for other occasions and parties.

The style and decor of the dress are closely related to the material from which it is made. A wedding party is an elegant event, so you should give up linen or cotton. It is recommended that wedding dresses be made of taffeta, satin or silk. The use of this type of material will significantly emphasize the values ​​of the female figure, as well as the sublimity of the wedding party. The second quite important feature related to the cut of the dress is its length. In this case, the invited person should maintain moderation and the so-called sense of taste, because in this respect there is complete freedom. The best are dresses whose length is defined as midi – it is medium length (the so-called knee length), which is the most practical and at the same time emphasizing feminine advantages. Mini-length and very long dresses are not welcome,that is, to the ground. The last length is reserved for the wedding dress worn on that day by the bride.

Wedding party, and the dress and accessories

The cut of the dress should match the figure, because another dress for a wedding will be dressed by an apple-figure lady, and another by a pear, hourglass, tube or triangle. An equally important fact is the type of beauty and the expectations of the future owner of the new outfit. When choosing a dress for a wedding party, you should focus on elegance, simplicity and subtlety. Therefore, it is less important whether the dress will have bare shoulders, thin straps, thick straps or more built-up. However, it is worth taking into account the time of year of the planned party and its location, which will allow you to perfectly choose the dress and accessories.

When choosing shoes for a dress for a wedding, it is good to choose a post or a pin, the height of which will be five or seven centimeters. These are the most comfortable types of shoes for ladies in terms of the arch type and height. An additional advantage of the aforementioned footwear is the optical slimming of the figure, as well as a beautiful decoration of the outfit. For a simple and subtle dress, you can choose decorative and slightly more extravagant footwear that can replace jewelry.

When choosing decorative shoes, you should give up excessive and overly expressive jewelry. It is also worth choosing a modest and neutral handbag, as well as outerwear. When choosing simple footwear, you should focus on a more ornate element of the creation, such as jewelry, makeup or hairstyle. All these three elements mentioned should go hand in hand with the selected wedding dress and other components of the wedding creation.