Dietary catering is a modern form of nutrition that is becoming more and more popular in Poland. It is intended for people who want to eat healthy, but do not have time to cook their own meals. Sometimes, in the rush of all these matters related to our life, there is simply no time to eat in peace, at the same time of valuable meals. As a result, we gain the fact that we eat between meals, eat impulsively or reach for semi-finished products or fast food. Therefore, dietary catering gains its advantage here: it allows you to eat home and healthy meals.

How does this service work? It’s very simple: we order catering for the whole week, in the order we specify the type of diet, calories, gender or possible allergies, and a qualified dietitian sets the menu for us for the whole week. Every morning, four to five meals are delivered to our door and our only task is to eat them at the right time. The meals are so adapted that they can be eaten both hot and cold, which is perfect for busy people who do not have time to prepare meals, or need to eat quickly in an office where there is not much the possibility of preparing a meal.

Dietary catering is a relatively new service in Poland. Therefore, it is not perfect. Meals delivered by couriers are often monotonous, especially when using the box diet for a longer period of time. The dishes do not have their own variations, as is the case when preparing meals at home. Some people accuse such services of being more expensive than buying and preparing dishes on their own, especially in the case of more people. However, this is not just “for the rich” option. When we buy really high-quality products, we have to pay correspondingly more for them, and these prices do not decrease when shopping for more people.

Did the exercisers find the perfect solutions?

According to companies offering dietary catering, keeping a diet has never been so easy, easy and pleasant. However, it is not that simple. Especially for people who train hard or prepare for the competition. So what if it is tasty, colorful and the dishes are varied? True, not everyone likes large amounts of meat, but in many cases, which can be read on the Internet on various blogs and forums, meat is practically “trace” amounts. One meal with meat out of 5 (or no meat at all) in the diet for a person who is “building mass” is a definite mistake and a mistake. Maybe a reduction? Well… neither. Proteins are even more important in reducing your diet. It often turns out that even for recreational training, such meals are simply insufficient.For reduction, when we only have 1800 kcal at our disposal, it is extremely important that each meal is satiated for a long time and distracted us from snacking.

We remove the demons

Not every devil is as terrible as he is painted. There are companies that have been dealing with dietary catering for years. Depending on the client, they prepare an individual, optimal diet, provide fresh meals from the highest quality products, and take care of the continuity of the client’s diet. It is especially needed in the diets of people who regularly exercise at the gym, lose weight or suffer from diseases that require a proper diet. They can adapt their meals to the client’s requirements and listen to his voice.

What are some other concerns of people using dietary catering? Many people believe that boxed food (as they call dietary catering) may be dietary and has many benefits, but not entirely tasty. They are concerned about bland, unseen, boring meals. However, when using the services of a good and professional catering company, it turns out that the reality is completely different. Thanks to high-quality products: fresh vegetables, juicy meats and well-chosen spices, they learned that meals do not have to be boring, they can be extremely diverse.

What are the additional advantages of dietary catering?

Even with a family of four, when ordering dietary catering, you can choose a separate menu for each of them. Thanks to this, each household member will have what he wants in a different caloric variant and seasoned differently. And… with well-chosen food, there is so much of it that you may not be able to overeat it. Talking to people who regularly use dietary catering services, you can hear recurring advantages: we do not waste time cooking (this is usually for people who do not like cooking or live extremely fast), due to the fact that we receive food in single packages, the problem of washing up disappears (but for two, grandmother predicted – we produce a lot of rubbish), they have order in the kitchen, eat exactly what they want, and … they do not overpay. That is why it is worth considering a dietary catering service.Because it may turn out to be a bull’s eye. Or a total misfire.