OCP is one of the types of insurance. Everyone knows how important it is to have insurance. We just don’t feel safe without it. There are compulsory and voluntary insurance. You can insure yourself against very different things. Usually these are random accidents – things that happen to us but we have no influence on them. The only thing we can do is take out the policy. Then it is known that we will not avoid what fate has in store for us, but at least in the event of such an event, we have a refund. OCP of the carrier is also a policy and protects us in exactly this way. It allows you to cover the costs that resulted in losses, which in turn resulted from unfavorable random events.

What can these losses be?

In general, insurance can be purchased for almost anything. Fires, floods, vandalism, accidents – these are common things we fear. Interestingly, the offer of insurance companies does not end there. Every now and then the media circulate information about singers who have insured their voices or about owners of a beautiful body, which parts of that body were also covered by a third party liability insurance policy in case of damage and loss of existing assets. You can laugh at it, but if you were an insurance agent, more than one of these laughing people would have fought to the brink of trying to convince some celebrity to pay for their vocal cords policy, because those are really impressive amounts.

However, there are also more mundane insurance, and such is the carrier’s OCP.There is no fear of losing the crystal voice or the firmness of the bust. This type of policy covers losses related to mishaps that may happen to the carrier – as the name suggests. And what carrier? After all, this word is quite broad in meaning. There can be transporters of people, things, animals, you can transport your brother-in-law’s furniture to his new home and become a temporary carrier. So what type of carriers does OCP apply to? Certainly not to companies that transport people. Rather, it can be said that this type of policy applies to the carriage of goods. What can be a commodity? Very different things, but what they have in common is that they are inanimate objects. For we will not call a human product, it is immoral and inelegant at the same time. So the first tip is the type of what you transport as a carrier.However, a commodity is still a very broad definition. Anyway, the carrier’s OCP applies not only to the goods that are transported, but also to the transport service, which, after all, also has some value. Matters dependent on the delivery of the goods, such as losses in the event of not receiving the required materials by the agreed date, are also covered by this policy.

By the way, it is worth considering what the acronym OCP insurance means. The first two letters of this abbreviation are well-known and not always liked civil liability insurance, i.e. liability insurance. Usually we associate them with cars, after all, every car owner has to pay this liability insurance if he wants to drive it. And if the car is just standing and nothing else, we will probably get away with unpaid civil liability. The last letter in our abbreviation means the carrier, so the full name is carrier liability insurance. Sounds a little less complicated. So the carrier can feel safe when they pay for this policy. When he wants to transport goods around Poland, security works. When he decides to transport goods abroad – then he is also covered by the carrier’s OCP.

Moreover,the insurance is not limited to the goods transported, but also has the power to protect the transport vehicle and the driver who drives it. It really helps a lot. This type of insurance is therefore a very good idea for a transport company. Interestingly, it is not obligatory. Nevertheless, a self-respecting carrier will not regret the money for such an important thing and will certainly try to properly protect its and its customers’ money. It is such a good standard for decent shipping companies.

How to buy an OCP policy?

It’s very simple. Just go to the insurance company. There, agents are already waiting to sell the insurance to a willing person, and to convince a reluctant person and then sell it. A nice employee of the insurance company will guide us through the entire process, ensuring maximum satisfaction and explaining all the legal complexities of the contract. The very signing of the contract is a very important moment and you have to be really 100% sure that you know what you are signing. It’s a good idea to take it home, read it a few times, because carrier OCP can be more complicated than it sounds. Then, fortunately, you can sign your signature and enjoy the protection and non-financial responsibility for mishaps that may plague our goods, cars and drivers. This feeling of lightness will usually accompany us for the next 12 months after signing the contract, because this is the standard duration of its duration.However, you can always try to agree on other dates.