There are over 7.2 billion people in the world. As many as 2.1 billion of them actively use accounts on social networks. This is a huge and unimaginable number. Without the Internet and social media portals, we can no longer imagine the world, we use them every day, they are a tool for our work and entertainment. Instagram was created in 2010 and at the very beginning of its career it looked completely different than it is today.

Its main goal was to minimize content and turn it into an image. In retrospect, it seems to be a really good idea. In the era of constant rush, the desire to have as much information as possible about other people and show off your life, instagram has definitely gained popularity. Its current owner, Mark Zuckerberg, definitely knew what he was doing,buying the app in 2012 for a billion dollars. Marketing on instagram has been around for a long time, although it can be safely said that it is just starting to function in Poland. Some people have already become convinced of this form of sale, but for many it is still a mystery.

Completely unnecessary. First of all, it’s worth noting that getting your business on Instagram can be a pleasure. We don’t have to start with all the marketing tricks in the beginning. It’s worth starting with getting to know the application and simply liking it. Once this is done, you can start preparing your marketing plan. From the very beginning, it is worth taking care of good photos of our services. They are the basis of Instagram and will attract the audience. It is true that instagram was created to publish photos directly from a mobile phone, but if we have better photographic equipment,it is worth taking advantage of. Currently, there is a fashion for minimalism and let’s bet on it. For example, our product, which we want to advertise and sell, cannot be hidden in the photo among other products. Don’t be afraid to use photo processing programs, one of them is already available in the application. The next step in Instagram marketing is signing photos with hashtags in such a way that they attract the audience and our target group. In short, they should talk about the product, the recipients, the country of origin, its appearance. It is also worth familiarizing yourself with the list of the most popular hashtags, but remember not to sign photos casually.

There should be around ten thematic hashtags under each photo. Marketing on instagram is also striving for as many followers as possible,that is, the observers. It is important, however, that these are people who are actually interested in our services or product. Currently, buying followers is a big trend, for example on Allegro. Each user of Instagram can buy for a specific amount, a given number of users. After such a purchase, our profile is watched by people, usually from the other side of the globe or with inactive accounts. Such actions are completely groundless and pointless, because these people will never buy our products. Only the number of people who theoretically follow our profile will increase. Being in the thread of observers of our account, I would like to raise the issues related to hate on the Internet. Unfortunately, it is currently a very popular phenomenon that we must be prepared for. If we meet on instagram with the unfair,with unpleasant comments at our address, do not be discouraged. As I mentioned above, it is very common and cannot be helped. Marketing on Instagram is also analyzing statistics and charts that we allow us to run our company profile.

They are a very useful tool that shows our ranges, activity and audience. When marketing on instagram, let’s promote our products and services wisely. Let’s persuade our customers to buy them, but don’t be too intrusive. Let’s cooperate with other users, also from our industry. This is extremely important in Instagram. For example, a friend from Instagram who has a large reach, can advertise our products. Thanks to this, we acquire new customers who buy products, become our followers on the portal,and maybe even recommend us to another person. We should also remember about honesty. The Internet is a very powerful tool these days.

For example, if our products differ from the real ones, the news will spread very quickly. If this happens, our Instagram marketing, built over the years, will be useless, because it is very difficult to rebuild your image. In conclusion, it is worth adding that instagram is also a kind of gossip portal. If we show our followers, for example, what is happening in our company, how we meet after work, how we pack parcels, they will be more likely to watch us. Sometimes we also dare to organize a competition, a discount available only to Instagram users, a day of free delivery for followers. Such actions will makethat they will want to follow us and be up to date with events in our company.