Avant-garde, playing with form, innovation, and still new, interesting and noteworthy ideas. This is undoubtedly how we can describe the Love Moschino brand , which is very popular and successful on the market when it comes to exclusive fashion The clothes of this brand are appreciated in Milan, where the brand was created, but also the whole world chooses them, because what the manufacturer offers is able to meet the requirements and needs of even the most demanding customers. We are convinced that each of you who decides to bet on any product from our Love Moschino collection will certainly be 100% satisfied with it. Where did the brand come from? What can it offer us?

A few words about Love Moschino

This brand appeared on the market in 1983. Its founder is Franco Moschino, who was already very well known on the fashion market, because he worked at the Versace fashion house. Gaining experience, having knowledge, and still new visions and ideas, he decided to create his own brand in Milan bearing his own name. And so it happened. Oddly enough, his designs differed significantly from what the fashion market offered. Premium clothes were full of colors, extrovert elements and shocking finishes. However, they caught on with great popularity and people went crazy about Love Moschino.

When the founders of the brand passed away, his associate was Roseell Jardini, who, in part of Franco, continued to follow the same style and the same way of shocking his customers. By choosing premium clothing from Love Moschino , we are convinced that everyone is able to get everything they dream about. The distinguishing feature of this brand is that it is completely different from all available on the market. The creator was a man who loved to shock, and this made him deliberately ridicule famous brands, parody various projects, and shock at every possible step.

What can Love Moschino offer us?

As for this manufacturer, he has three product lines to offer his customers. Each of them is addressed to a specific group of recipients, each is unusual, unique and one of a kind. Each one is different, but at the same time each merging into one whole. Love Moschino consists of a women’s and men’s line, which is the main line, defined by the word Moschino, where you can buy the highest quality clothing for everyone. The second line is this Love Moschinowhich was previously hidden under the words of Moschino Jeans. And the third line is the one specifically aimed at women, founded in 1988 – Moschino Cheap and Chic.

When it comes to this brand, in addition to clothing, the manufacturer also offers us many other, very interesting solutions, including perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, watches , and very popular helmets all over the world . As you can see, the range of products is really diverse, which is why we are convinced that each customer is able to find something perfect, one-of-a-kind, which in his wardrobe turns out to be a real hit. When it comes to the fashion world, Love Moschinohe chooses many well-known and valued stars on the market. We can see these clothes, among others, at Kylie Minogue, at Madonna, Lady Gaga, or at Michelle Obama, who put on one of the creations, among others, for a meeting with the Pope. As you can see, Love Moschino is strongly associated with many well-known and valued personalities. Thanks to these clothes and accessories, you can create truly unique, original and remarkable styles that you can fall in love with.

Where will the Love Moschino fashion work?

Each brand usually produces a specific range of products, thus trying to reach the largest, but at the same time, given group of recipients. Some produce suits, others elegant dresses, others everyday clothing. When it comes to Love Moschino , in this case we have, above all, premium fashion, which is a solution aimed at people who want to stand out, who are looking for something more than ordinary brands can offer us. All clothes for women, but also those aimed at men, are unique in their own way. Here we will not get ordinary, simple solutions, but creations full of madness and originality.

Where can they be used? In fact, everywhere, because it all depends on which line we choose. We can choose a typically female one, where the woman’s body, her shapes, attractiveness and beauty will be emphasized. Such creations will be perfect for events, large parties, larger outings. However, we can choose the classic option and in this main line of products we will receive elegant, beautiful, exclusive and very comfortable clothes , which is why they will turn out to be perfect for work, meeting a client, going out with friends, just for whatever day.