Conferences are usually scientific or business. They can also be divided into those in which participation is free and those with certain participation costs. The main goal of each conference – regardless of the topic and nature – is:
  • gathering people interested in specific issues
  • dissemination of news on a given topic
  • establishing scientific or business contacts
  • the emergence of the market by a scientific organization or company
  • informal exchange of experiences in a given field during breaks between readings

However, in order for the conference to be held and run in a proper manner, one must properly prepare for it. The organization of the conference includes choosing the right accommodation, equipment and furniture, providing catering and an appropriate, friendly atmosphere.

Where to start?

When you organize a conference for the first time, you can face a multitude of problems associated with the process. First of all – if the idea of ​​such an event has already arisen and its topic has emerged – it is worth writing a plan of expectations and goals. Then it will turn out whether 1 day is enough or whether the event will need to be extended for more days. It is good, however, that it should not be more than 2-3 days. It is about the costs of the organization itself, as well as the costs of accommodation for participants and speakers.

The organization of the conference should therefore begin with defining the topic, purpose and duration.

Another issue is the target group of the event and its size. Some of the next points of the organization will depend on this.

Adequate accommodation

Importantly, the company or scientific institution organizing the conference does not need to have an appropriate room or a complex of rooms suitable for various events. Today, such rooms can be rented without any problems in a convenient size and location – even in the city center, near the train or bus station or hotels and other accommodation places, and with good access to and from the airport. This will make it easier for participants to navigate the city, go home and stay overnight, etc.

Such rooms should be large enough for a specific number of participants. It should also be remembered that the participants and speakers will also walk, talk, go to catering during breaks – in other words, they will simply not be sitting in one place all the time. Conference rooms should be arranged to allow for comfort both during lectures and breaks.

Another option is to organize a conference in a hotel that is suitably adapted to this purpose, where the participants are also accommodated.

If a company or institution organizes conferences on a regular basis from time to time, it may think about its own conference facilities to reduce costs in the future, at least in this regard.

The conference can be organized by an external company

If the coordination of everything turns out to be too burdensome for the organizer himself, he may partially or fully use the services of a special company, which provides assistance or full organization of various events. Of course, the originator must always have at least a minimal contribution here, such as giving the topic of the conference, estimating the number of participants and some of his expectations and ideas about the entire event.

Today, such a solution is used by more and more interested entities, which means that more and more conferences are really professional. Why? Because companies organizing events:

The organization of a conference has been a good business idea in itself for several years now. Therefore, it is worth using the experience of people who only deal with this type of activity – then both time and money are saved.

Proper catering

Participants in conference-type events today are usually demanding when it comes to the quality and variety of food served at events. There can be no shortcomings – if only for the sake of health. Another problem is that the more participants there are, the more likely they are to be people who do not eat meat or, for health reasons, are on an easily digestible diet. This should also be included in the expected menu.

Individual time of the participants

Very serious matters are often discussed at the conference. Readings and discussions take hours. The proper organization of the conference also takes into account the time for participants when they will be able to make scientific or business acquaintances and simply relax – especially when the event lasts for more than one day. Moreover, no one should leave home tired and discouraged. It is therefore worth providing materials summarizing the conference content that everyone will be able to take and free time in order not only to establish contacts, but also to enjoy rest and local tourist attractions.