Building, buying or selling real estate. Ecology enters every aspect of life. Living in harmony with nature, an ecological approach to the environment has become fashionable, more and more people try to harm nature as little as possible, choose natural, healthy materials. One of them is wood. Timber houses are becoming more and more popular and they fit perfectly into the prevailing trend

Timber houses

Construction is developing very dynamically, new technologies, projects and innovative ideas emerge. At the same time, many people choose naturalness instead of modern materials. Many people do not want to live in concrete houses with similar structures. Fortunately, new technologies also take into account wood, they offer the possibility of building houses from this material. Every year wooden houses are gaining more and more fans who consider wood an ideal material.

Types of construction of wooden houses

Wooden houses they can be of different style and character. They can be built in different types of wood. The best known is the frame structure in which the frame is made of solid wood and filled with thermal insulation. The downside of this design is quick cooling. Log houses are becoming more and more popular. They are made of pine, fir or spruce, therefore their cost is quite high. Building a log house requires a lot of experience, precision and accuracy.

Log structures regulate humidity and the interior slowly cools down, which is their great advantage. Wooden houses are often built of prefabricated elements. Houses are built in the factory, individual elements are joined together, and windows are inserted. Ready elements are placed on the plot and assembly is finished there. It is a very convenient option, prefabricated houses are durable, they can also be made to individual customer orders.An important element of wooden houses is the roof. You can cover it with thatch, wooden shingle or aspen shavings.

Advantages of a wooden house

Wood has many undeniable advantages, which is why it is such a popular building material. It is worth getting to know them to decide whether a wooden house will be a dream come true. The main advantages are:

  • Price – is a very important aspect for many people. The price of wooden houses is much lower than those of traditional brick houses.
  • Time – wooden houses are built much faster than their traditional counterparts.
  • Lower costs of interior fittings – the wood is beautiful in itself, it does not need to be additionally decorated. In a wooden house, no additional plasters, wallpapers or floors are needed.
  • Ecology – a wooden house is ecological and environmentally friendly. Wood is a natural, renewable and recyclable product.
  • Health – wood has proven health properties and promotes well-being. It is friendly to allergy sufferers and young children as it does not cause allergies. It has a great effect on well-being, allows you to relax and rest. Natural color has a positive effect on the mental state, improves mood, creates a home atmosphere, cozy atmosphere.
  • Smell – wooden houses emit the smell of essential oils, which is good for the respiratory system and has a relaxing effect. Coniferous resin is also antibacterial and antifungal.
  • Energy efficiency – insulated wooden houses consume less energy, allow you to save energy and money.
  • Correct humidity – wood provides natural air humidity, absorbs excess moisture, and when dry, gives it back. Contrary to brick houses, the air in wooden houses does not dry out.
  • Strength and durability – wood is a very good building material. A well-made house made of this material will last for many years and several generations. Wood has been used for centuries to build houses and other permanent structures, including ships. This confirms its durability and endurance.
  • Electrostatic – no dust builds up in wooden houses, which is why they are ideal for people suffering from allergies.

Disadvantages of wooden houses

Like any material, wood also has its weaknesses. It is very important to find a good contractor who has extensive experience in erecting this type of buildings. A company that builds wooden houses it must employ skilled workers and have access to good quality wood. You also need specialized equipment to create the perfect home.

Currently, there are not many such companies in Poland, so you need to carefully select, read the opinions and decide on a contractor worth recommending. The disadvantage of wood may be that it is easily heated and cooled in some structures, brick has a better property in this regard. Wooden houses need special care. Proper maintenance and protection of the wood against pests, which can significantly damage the entire structure, are important. The boards should also be protected against moisture.

As you can see, wood is an excellent material for building houses. The number of advantages is enormous, exceeding the disadvantages that can be easily eliminated. Wooden houses can be of different styles, classic or modern, with different surfaces. They can be single-storey or have several storeys. The choice is wide, everyone will find a perfect home for themselves.