Teachers in schools face ever greater challenges. Modern youth are good at operating all kinds of devices such as computers or smartphones, what’s more, they spend a large part of the day in these devices. There are many disadvantages to this, one of which is that you are less able to focus during the lessons. Not only knowledge is required from teachers, but also knowledge of attractive methods of imparting knowledge. So how do you organize activities that are attractive to children?

Most probably the blackboard is associated with school. However, this is not necessarily a positive association. Nobody liked being called to it by the teacher, so many people consider it their school trauma. It was associated with stress, often with a bad judgment or chalk-dirty hands. Fortunately, it is increasingly being replaced by modern interactive boards. Thanks to government support under the “Active blackboard” program, every year several thousand schools can equip themselves with such a blackboard. This increases the quality of education in schools.

About the program “Active board”

The main goal of the government program “Active blackboard” is to develop school infrastructure by co-financing the purchase of modern teaching equipment such as an interactive board or a dart board. The second goal is to raise the level of teachers’ competences. As part of this program, each primary school may apply for funding for the purchase of an interactive whiteboard, interactive monitor, projector or sound system – tools for modern education. The program is scheduled for 2017 to 2019 and will ultimately cover over 15,000 schools across Poland. It is worth noting that both private and public institutions can participate in the project. What funding can schools count on? The maximum amount applied for is PLN 14,000 gross, but the school must be prepared for 20% of its own contribution. Yes,Thus, one school may submit an application for a maximum amount of PLN 17,500, of which PLN 3,500 comes from its own budget. Modern equipment can already be purchased for this amount.

How does an interactive whiteboard work?

There are four types of interactive whiteboards on the market: tactile, electromagnetic, infrared, and optical. The choice depends mainly on the needs and financial possibilities. What’s included in such a set? In addition to the interactive whiteboard itself, you need a projector and a computer for it to function properly .The computer is the place of command. It needs to be connected to both the board and the projector. It transmits the content that is later viewed on the whiteboard to the projector and then on the interactive whiteboard. This ensures convenient operation of the board on your computer and vice versa. It is important to choose the right type of projector for a specific type of board. It is mainly about the image format of both the board and the projector – they must be the same in order to take full advantage of the board surface. In addition to displaying an image, we can also freely write on the board. Just like on a regular blackboard. It is a great convenience and a pleasant replacement for the old, traditional, chalky blackboard. The operation of the interactive whiteboard itself is very simple, you can get into practice after just a few uses.

Advantages of using interactive boards

The increased popularity of interactive boards results not only from the fact that they are attractive, but also because of the possibility of improving the quality of training. What are the benefits of using such boards, purchased under the “Active board” program. Below are some of them:

      • students are more interested in the lesson, they participate more actively by focusing their attention on the blackboard,
      • the touch screen operation is very simple and intuitive, all you need to do is use your finger,
      • mobile stands enable easy moving of the board between classrooms,
      • safe and comfortable use, the technology used in the screens protects the eyes,
      • attractive use of multimedia programs, films, teaching materials and content from the Internet,
      • the ability to observe and watch materials on a large screen,
      • teachers have more room for maneuver, the lesson can be conducted according to many different scenarios.

Growing interest in plaques

The demands placed on teachers in schools are increasing. Lessons must not only be properly prepared in terms of content, but also presented in an interesting way for children. Hence, more and more schools decide to buy interactive boards. They appreciate their didactic nature and the attractiveness of classes conducted on such boards. Thanks to government support in the form of the “Active Whiteboard” program, access to modern equipment, such as an interactive whiteboard, is facilitated. Primary schools all over Poland can count on financial assistance when purchasing such equipment. It gives teachers more room for maneuver when preparing a lesson plan, the operation itself is very simple and intuitive, and children are more willing to actively participate in lessons on such boards.