The change of the company’s seat is not only a big event for the owners of the company and its employees, but also a big logistic challenge, for which it is worth being well prepared. Proper planning of such a move, taking into account furniture, machinery and documentation, should be carried out meticulously and thoughtfully.

Moving a company – where to start?

The first point of activities aimed at changing the company’s seat should be carefully thinking about its new address. If the seat is changed due to the insufficient space of the current office or production warehouse, when choosing a new place it is worth considering not only its size, but also proper communication with the center, so that both employees and customers have good access to the new place . Many companies also carry out a detailed analysis of traffic in the new region and check its nuisance related to the organization of mass events, or the neighborhood such as restaurants, business centers, football stadiums, etc. All these elements may, over time, affect the comfort of working in the new headquarters or its lack.

The second step is to remember to change the company’s contact details, first in CEIDG, i.e. on the government website gathering the addresses of all companies, and then provide its new address to all institutions, such as the Tax Office or ZUS, and change the details for payment of electricity bills. , gas and water. After these basic steps, you can start moving the company to a new address.

How to choose a company to move and what to pay attention to?

Professional company relocations are organized by specialized removal companies. Such companies usually have strictly defined removal procedures, which include both the transport of furniture, office equipment, production machines and company documentation. It is good to check the history of such a company in advance, ask about the clients for whom she has organized relocations of companies, and even call several of them and ask for a recommendation. This simple action can immediately confirm the high quality of the services provided or the lack of competence in what a given company does. In this case, customer feedback is extremely valuable.

When choosing a company that will organize all activities involving the relocation of companies to A to Z, it is worth writing a specific contract with it, which will include a number of activities for which the company will be responsible.

What should be in the contract with the moving company?

  • The exact scope of activities that the company undertakes
  • The scope of its assistance in loading and unloading the transported furniture and devices
  • The issue of insurance and securing the equipment during transport
  • Information on whether the company provides assistance in disassembling furniture in the old seat and reassembling it in the new one
  • A detailed list of additional tasks that can be counted on during transport
  • Specifying the maximum deadline for completing the company’s move along with penal clauses in the event of failure to meet the deadline
  • Methods of payment for the service, possible advances and contractual penalties for both parties if they fail to comply with the contractual actions

What problems may arise during the move?

Before moving company is well aware of the fact that in the course of such an operation may occur unforeseen events, which are not the fault of the owner of the company or companies przeprowadzkowego. In this case, the signed contract may turn out to be more difficult to perform for various reasons, and both parties should be aware of it and understand each other at such moments. Examples of situations that may generate problems are: sudden weather breakdown that will prevent the safe removal of documents or machines, black ice, traffic jams caused by a road accident that will delay the service delivery time, or other random events.

In addition, problems may arise when the selected moving company does not sign a contract with the client, offers an abnormally low price, and then will indefinitely extend the time of moving to a new office. In order to avoid such situations, it is mandatory to sign an agreement regulating the obligations of both parties.

Paying attention to all of the above-mentioned points can significantly improve the company’s relocation and make the process go quickly and without major challenges that can cost the manager and owners a lot of nerves. The key is to plan the removal activities in detail and to carefully select a company that will take care of the transport, insure valuable machines during transport and keep contracts related to the date of the final move, so that the company can start working in a new place as soon as possible. The pace of the move and the efficiency of this task also determine the company’s financial liquidity and the ability to continue the services it provides to its clients.