Various temporary facilities have become a permanent element of the urban and non-urban landscape. They are most often used during events, cultural events, concerts, conferences and open-air fairs, etc. They are often used to separate and protect a place intended for sports – sports fields, tennis courts or equestrian schools. Tent halls are temporary facilities that are very popular. To put up such a structure, we need much less paperwork and paperwork than if we decided to build a real estate.

Size and weight criteria

Tent halls can be divided according to the size and weight criteria. Therefore, one can distinguish between seasonal and all-year-round tent halls . The first type has a relatively low height (usually 2-3.5 m in the forks, although the exact parameters may vary depending on the manufacturer) and a width of 5-10 meters. Such solutions are very temporary. The structure is very light and consists of relatively thin elements. They are perfect as temporary roofs, e.g. during weddings, parties, larger meetings. Thanks to the cover made of PVC, they protect well-protected items against sun rays, so lightweight tent hallsthey are also used as summer warehouses. They cannot be missed also during summer outdoor events.

All-year-round constructions may differ in dimensions. Halls 5-12 meters wide and up to 6 meters high, contrary to the previously described group, can be used all year round. They will effectively protect stored items and machines against unfavorable weather. In this case, not only PVC is used, but also a trapezoidal sheet. The same materials are also used to make heavier halls, several dozen meters wide and about 8 meters high. These are solid all-year-round structures, most often with foundations and profiles made of steel.

Tent halls used in sports facilities

It is easy to see that the halls that protect tennis courts and playing fields differ from those used for storage or for outdoor events. In sport, air domes are a popular solution. They look a bit like an inflated balloon; these associations result not only from the appearance of the hall, but also from the mechanism that keeps it “inflated”. This is because air is forced into the air domes, which creates an overpressure. This means that there is no supporting structure. As a result, such a hall is much cheaper than traditional tent halls, based on steel or aluminum structures. In addition, assembly and disassembly of such a solution takes little time – most estimates are twelve hours. Of course, the air hall can be equipped with lighting and emergency power supply. As standard, it consists of an anchoring system, a network of steel ropes that give the hall a distinctive look, as well as a coating system and a heating and blowing system. Air domes can be used regardless of the season, which makes them popular in almost every latitude.

Tent halls – a matter of safety

Regardless of what type of tent hall we choose, we must pay attention to safety issues. These are determined by specific regulations, namely Art. 5 sec. 1 of the Act of July 7, 1994 Construction Law. According to the provision, each tent hall should ensure the safety of people inside it. This means that the place should meet all health and safety requirements and be maintained in an appropriate aesthetic and technical condition. If our tent hall is a year-round facility, we must inspect the technical condition at least once a year, in particular those elements of the structure that are exposed to unfavorable weather conditions and are particularly loaded in other ways.

Regular maintenance of the hall will not only extend its life, but also allow us to meet the statutory requirements related to safety. Maintenance and inspection should also include the condition of the roof and cladding. You should also check the screw connections and make sure that there is no play. It is a good idea to buy special care products, such as tarpaulin cleaners and greasing creams to regenerate other materials. All these issues can be overwhelmed by one person, so if we feel that we are not qualified enough to carry out the inspection or we simply do not have time to do it, we can hire a special service. Most often, companies that offer such services operate comprehensively and can boast special permissions,which allow them to perform a fair audit. To be sure, when choosing such a service provider, it is worth checking whether, in addition to the activities consisting in checking the technical condition, it also offers basic maintenance and modernization works.