Air conditioning of apartments and shops has been causing very stormy discussions around itself for a long time. Some people consider her something great and almost indispensable in hot weather – others, in turn, curse her for various diseases. How is it really? Should it actually be invested in it, or should it rather be avoided? We will try to cover all of this in our article presenting the main advantages and disadvantages of using air conditioning systems.

The main advantages of introducing air conditioning into the apartment and store

In many countries of the world characterized by enormous average temperatures, the air conditioning of apartments and shops is something people could not imagine their lives without.

Although it still evokes contradictory opinions in Poland, it has several undeniable advantages, including:

  • good effect on the body – properly set air conditioning in apartments and shops makes us more refreshed and sleeps better (if installed in a bedroom), but we also work more efficiently and we are insensitive to the weakening and simply tiring heat (so it is ideal option for store employees);
  • can purify the air – modern models of air conditioners have built-in air filtering systems, operating in a similar way to the increasingly popular independent air purifiers; these systems allow us to filter the oxygen we breathe and get rid of all kinds of smog (present in especially industrialized cities and towns, not only the larger ones), and even cigarette smoke or dust;
  • it is programmable – nowadays air conditioners are very technologically advanced and do not only offer buttons to change the temperature; many of them have accompanying mobile applications that allow not only remote control (even away from home), but also scheduling. Thanks to them, the air conditioner can increase the power of work during the warmest times of the day, and work less well (and use less electricity) when there is no need for it to work;
  • it is easy to locate – it does not require connection to the existing ventilation or heating installation, so it can be placed wherever we have space;
  • it can be installed in a very intuitive way – usually we will not need a specialist to install it fully;
  • attracts customers – it has been proven that air-conditioned places are more popular among store customers, especially on hot days – so it can be a kind of “magnet” for new customers.

Disadvantages of air conditioning in apartments and shops

Unfortunately, it is true that air conditioning in apartments and shops also has several disadvantages. Most of them, however, result from unskillful use of it – people very often forget that it is necessary to set its temperature depending on the conditions outside – the greater the difference, the more it can cause health problems.

So, summarizing the disadvantages, it is necessary to mention, among others:

  • high purchase costs – air conditioners, especially those more modern and equipped with more useful functions, can cost a lot – so we have to prepare for a large expense;
  • high operating costs – the air conditioner consumes energy when it is working – especially at high speed and in difficult conditions; The purchase of it itself will not be our only expense, especially if the heat can be very hard on us;
  • considerable noise level – if we do not invest in appropriate soundproofing systems, air conditioners can generate quite loud (especially for very sensitive people) uniform noise. This can disturb you, especially at night and especially when the system is located in a relatively small room;
  • requiring maintenance – air conditioners, in order to provide us with an appropriate level of comfort, must be regularly inspected and cleaned , and the filters present in some of their models – replaced; it is a waste of time or money (if we hire specialists for this);
  • diseases – as we have already mentioned, improper setting of air conditioning systems can lead to various types of rheumatic ailments, which is a direct result of cold drafts generated by air conditioners.


Air conditioning of apartments and shops can be a salvation for hot days and something that will contribute not only to our quality of life, but also to greater health. However, as we have already mentioned, it can also be a source of not entirely desirable rheumatic ailments and too high costs. It all depends on its proper setting as well as regular care for it. Therefore, if we already invest in it, let us be aware of the importance of its conscious and rational use. Only by following logic will we use air-conditioning of apartments and shops in such a way that we can feel better, enjoy better health and simply tire less in hot weather.