On average, people spend 6 to 8 hours a day in bed, where they regenerate their strength, so it is extremely important to choose a duvet and pillow to suit their needs, so that sleep is restful and ensures the regeneration of the body. Today, on the market, you can find quilts and pillows made of various materials, with various types of filling, synthetic or natural. When faced with choosing these bedroom furnishings, you can get dizzy with the multitude of options. However, not the same thing will work for everyone, so it is good to think carefully about your preferences before making a purchase.

What pillow and quilt

A properly selected pillow should support the neck during sleep and ensure an ergonomic body position. The hardness of the pillow should be selected according to personal preferences, some people like hard pillows that provide almost half-sitting positions during sleep, while others are in favor of more “flat” solutions, no matter what, however, several types of pillows and quilts can be distinguished due to the filling. .

Pillows and duvets with polyester filling

is the cheapest option available on the market. This type of solution is a great option for allergy sufferers, because polyester does not cause allergies. Additionally, bedding filled with such material can be successfully machine washed even at high temperatures, thanks to which it is possible to disinfect them. However, it is worth mentioning that with time polyester granules become lumpy and pillows and quilts filled with this material lose their comfort.

Natural filling – down and feathers

If someone, of course, is not allergic, is not allergic to this feather filling, it is an excellent and durable solution.

Feathers are very fluffy and, in addition, light, and they perfectly wick away any moisture, and also keep you warm in the winter. Currently sold bedding with this type of filling is also suitable for washing in washing machines, but at slightly lower temperatures.

Foam filling

It is most common in pillows. It is extremely flexible and adapts to the contours of the body in the cervical region. It does not cause allergies. Pillows with this type of filling are available in the orthopedic and classic options.

Modern latex

Quilts and pillows are filled with latex more and more often, because it is a durable material that does not absorb dust and dirt, and it will also work well in the bedrooms of people suffering from allergies.

Pillows with bamboo filling

They are filled with bamboo fibers, which are soft and have antibacterial and antistatic properties. They perfectly drain moisture and allow the skin to breathe while sleeping, which is why they are also perfect for allergy sufferers.

Dimensions perfectly suited to your needs.

The dimensions of the duvet and pillow are a very individual matter, but there are several things to consider. If, for example, we share one duvet with a partner, it is worth considering a larger copy, for example 180 by 200 centimeters, so as not to take each other’s duvet at night, the 200 by 220 option is also a good solution, but with this format you should take into account a large cost bedding fitted to this size. For people who prefer to have their own duvet, a good solution is the dimensions of 80 by 200 centimeters, such a duvet allows you to freely cover the whole body. When it comes to pillows, here you should pay attention to the fact that when you put the head down, the entire cervical section rests freely on it, and the head does not slide off too small a surface.


Covering the duvet and pillow is an equally important issue. It is best to bet on those that are made of non-abrasive materials that are machine washable and breathable. Modern pillows and duvets have a cover enriched with the addition of silver ions, which have an antibacterial effect, which significantly improves their properties. Coatings made of natural materials such as cotton or linen are perfect for people who appreciate ecological solutions and like natural materials. this type of coating is very pleasant to the touch. It is also worth paying attention to pillows and quilts with a seasonal surface, which when applied to the body on one side, while the other cool and insulate from heat coming from the outside. This type of solution allows you to use one set of duvets and pillows all year round.

While choosing a duvet, you can choose the full freedom, when buying a pillow, you should pay attention to all its properties, because it is mainly responsible for proper sleep. Properly selected, it can almost completely eliminate problems related to back pain or spine pain in the cervical region. You should always remember to choose solutions that protect and care for our health. Healthy sleep and regeneration of the body largely depends on the conditions in which we perform it. It is worth taking care of those elements that we have influence on.