Located in the vicinity of Warszewskie Hills, Warszewo attracts with its incredible charm. No wonder – if we drive to the said hills, we will find a lot of wilderness that serve as viewpoints. On the estate itself, there is the Arkońskie Hill nearby, serving as a place for walking and looking around.

Warszewo is located higher than the rest of Szczecin and in some way it can look at the rest from above. The sale of apartments is very popular there, because everyone wants to live in a green area. If we value long walks, rest and relaxation in forests, we will definitely be delighted with Warszewo. This is where families with children most often spend their holidays. It is there that you can find truly wonderful streams, forest nooks and green meadows. Tourists are eager to visit the Warszewskie Hills.Since this is the northern part of Szczecin, the prices of flats for sale are slightly lower than in the rest of the city, as it is a bit further to the center … but let’s also take into account the fact that nowadays almost everyone has a car. And even if they do not have it, luckily public transport never disappoints us.

Warszewo is one of the prettier parts of Szczecin and if we are browsing the apartment sale offers, be sure to take a look at this area. It is located relatively close to various hypermarkets and galleries, so we will not complain about the lack of contact with new products.

When choosing apartments for sale – no matter if it is Warszewo or Podjuchy – we should always follow this sixth sense, which allows us to choose a place to live better. It may be, however, that Warszewo will charm us so much that we will not even see if the apartment we have chosen will meet our needs in 100%. Warszewo apartments are synonymous with the comfort of life. And you need to be vigilant, because we need to know whether a given apartment will not have to be renovated by us, for example. That is why it is worth seeing all apartments during the day – this is how we are able to determine if there are any imperfections. It goes without saying that everything looks better in the photos.

A bit of Photoshop will make you quickly forget that there may be stains.It is for this reason that it is worth taking a person who has a good understanding of how apartment rental works and will be able to evaluate our future property in Szczecin. It’s not about not trusting the developer. Warszewo enjoys a good reputation throughout Szczecin, and the sale of apartments in this area usually results in both parties being very satisfied. But it’s always worth equipping yourself with an additional opinion. For this reason, you can browse social media. There we will discover what our predecessors thought about the transactions. We will read their comments, get to know their opinion, and learn more about the seller’s profile. For us it will be a really remarkable trip on the Internet. If we want to be one hundred percent objective, we can later ask the seller for opinions that we remember particularly well.how the rental of apartments works and will be able to evaluate our future property in Szczecin. It’s not about not trusting the developer.

The apartment is also an investment for the future. Gone are the days of the People’s Republic of Poland, when during privatization a large apartment could be bought for eight thousand zlotys (but on the other hand, once eight thousand zlotys was really a lot of money). Now we have to get out of a much larger amount if we want to buy a flat. Nevertheless, such an investment pays off. For example: (if we have such funds, of course) we buy an apartment so that it earns us money, and then we rent it to students. Of course, this solution has its drawbacks, because then you have to take into account that the price of the property will drop slightly. On the other hand, there is also nothing to worry about. In the end, everything will pay off anyway, and the renovation will not cost us that much.

Warszewo is otherwise a good location for students,especially those who are looking for peace in Szczecin. They are not interested in selling apartments, but renting them is. Besides, such an apartment over time it may be useful for our children or grandchildren. Many parents take out a mortgage for their children so that they have somewhere to live. It is logical: at some point every apartment gets a bit too small. So why not arrange them a nice corner in the wonderful Warsaw? They will certainly thank us for it. And if they do not want to live there, real estate prices will rise – they will be able to profitably sell an apartment and then buy something else for themselves in another part of Szczecin. Anyway, investing in real estate is a very good idea for both younger and slightly older couples. They will not regret the money spent once. In time, they will find it useful in the future, so eventually everyone will be happy. Let’s buy flats in Warsaw a  let’s buy flats in Szczecin and enjoy a wonderful life in comfortable four corners. And the walks … walks and photos will be truly unforgettable when we go to the Warszewskie Hills!