Proper use of the mirror in the interior allows you to breathe new life into the family atmosphere, filling the living space with light and air. A mirror is an amazing piece of furniture. From ancient times, he was credited with magical properties – he looked for a soul mate and recognized the future. In the modern world, it is a household item that performs a practical and decorative function.

Mirror functions and placement rules

A magical decorative element cannot be left without attention. As a rule, its sphere of influence did not extend beyond the bathroom and the corridor, but the utility function of mirror surfaces is gradually becoming a thing of the past . The potential of the mirror is really big, when arranging your home you should remember about its main functions:

  • Correction of the volume of rooms – the mirror is a real savior of narrow corridors and small rooms. He will not be able to cope with a difficult task on his own – to create a visual illusion and increase the space, you will need several decorative elements of different sizes.
  • Reflection of light – a large mirror on the floor will fill the room with natural light, and the mirror surface behind the chandelier, wall lamp or lamp will increase the level of room illumination
  • Correction of internal shortcomings – non-standard configuration, shelves, arches, places of communication with proper use of a reflective decorative element melt into the air without attracting too much attention.
  • The mirror is a universal assistant in creating a unique interior. The original decor will add a touch of individuality and unique style to your home. When preparing a design, it is worth considering the simple rules of placement:
  • Direct sunlight is destructive to its surface (it becomes dull). Diffused natural light is needed
  • It is not recommended to place a mirror and large furniture next to each other (large sofa, massive chest of drawers or wardrobe), which causes the effect of excessive volume
  • The quantity matters – the best option is 2-3 pcs for a bedroom, bathroom and hall
  • Parallel arrangement in narrow corridors and rooms negatively affects the mental state of a person.

Mirrors in different rooms

The chosen interior style directly affects the location, shape and size of the decorative element. Fortunately, the modern market offers a wide range of products – large and small, concise and raw, with drawing, stone and gilding, artificially distressed and fashionable. And the original mirror mosaic and panels of fragments will bring bright accents to the room.

Living room – meeting place

The space above the fireplace has become a traditional place for a mirror. In the last century, several candlesticks were placed on the mantelpiece. The light reflected and multiplied, gathering all family members around him on warm evenings. In the modern world, the immediate need for candles has disappeared. But designers noticed this trick. A mirror in a heavy brown frame above the fireplace creates a special atmosphere of coziness and becomes the center of the living room. The spirit of classicism is emphasized by a wooden frame, and the lack of neo-style is the most important, unusual form. In the rustic style, the emphasis is on a tandem of simplicity and originality – the frame will be made of simple patterns, but the surface will have a non-standard design.

Bedroom – dreamland

Over the past decade, a mirror in a bedroom has been associated primarily with a wardrobe that takes up most of the space. Of course, this technique allows you to conveniently store and try on the wardrobe in one place. The disadvantage of this solution is the facelessness of the interior. But mirror inserts are not the only option for applying a reflective surface. A panel of several parts or a mosaic at the head of the bed will become the decoration of the bedroom. The mirrors above the bedside tables behind the floor lamps emphasize the geometry of the space and fill it with soft light. The dressing table with reflective decor emphasizes the elegant and feminine style of the room.

Bathroom – pure harmony

The harmony of the home decoration extends to the bathroom. Traditionally, the mirror is above the sink. In addition, another small mirror is placed for applying makeup (on a stand or folding mechanism). The frame should match the selected style. The highlight of the bathroom will be a mirrored surface of an unusual shape. The choice of a bright color palette and the location of a large number of spotlights allows you to visually increase the space. When choosing a mirror for the bathroom, you need to pay attention to models with a waterproof surface.

Hallway – the face of the house

The mirror has long been a classic attribute of the corridor interior. Here you cannot do without it. Difficulties in the arrangement are due to the small area, so you should immediately abandon bulky elements. The perfect solution is a full length mirror opposite the exit or directly on the door. Another round, small size fits perfectly into the surroundings. Lighting should not be forgotten, it is absolutely necessary here. By emphasizing the necessary details of the interior and directly the mirror, the space appears larger. For a small hallway, it is necessary to purchase laconic mirror models, without complex elements. Large dimensions allow the use of large shapes and unusual details.