Where are we going when we want to buy electronic equipment for our own home? Although once everyone would have indicated the first stationary RTV store as the first destination, today the situation has changed a bit – people direct their first steps to the Internet, where they see not only easier access to the full range of products, but also lower prices or the possibility of buying them from ” second hand ”, which in turn causes the price to go down. However, there are still plenty of people in the world for whom a visit to a stationary RTV store is an absolute must if you want to buy this type of equipment. Why is it really worth choosing in every case? We will tell about it in our article.

What are the advantages of visiting an RTV store?

While the Internet may be a great option to buy electronic equipment, in fact, it is wise to use it almost only when you know what you really want and what is expected of the equipment. We must make purchases on the Internet more consciously, with no one here to help or advise us. The greatest advantage that every RTV store can boast of is the presence of experts who will be happy to advise us and help us make a choice, based on our individual needs, and not on whether the equipment has been positively assessed by a random Internet user, often difficult to verify for authenticity and reliability.

However, this is not the only advantage of this type of store. The next ones include, among others:

      • the possibility of seeing an item “live” – ​​electronic equipment, but also all kinds of other items sold on the Internet are usually presented in the form of photos – these do not always fully reflect the actual appearance of the item, especially in terms of colors, so much dependent on various factors ( including our monitor) – when buying in an RTV store, we know what we are dealing with and what it really looks like; so we do not have to give this matter to luck, or accept the appearance only close to the one presented in the online store;
      • the possibility of testing the purchased equipment – when visiting an RTV store in its stationary version, we can take the product in hand or turn it on in order to test its operation – all with the assistance of a person who knows his stuff. We can check if the selected player works as we expect.
      • trouble-free with possible complaints – the product purchased in a larger RTV store is covered by the manufacturer’s (and often also the store’s) warranty – when buying it stationary, we are sure where we will be able to turn in case of problems with its operation.
      • greater security of transactions – the Internet is a powerful tool in the hands of someone who really “grips” him and knows how it works. In fact, it is full of fraudsters – although it has become popular recently to buy equipment from private people, for example through popular advertising portals, only a visit to an RTV store gives us confidence that the which we buy with a full warranty for its operation.
      • immediate receipt of the item we buy – if we do not like waiting for the shipment, or bother with couriers, or we just want to use the equipment immediately after its purchase, using the offer of a stationary RTV store is the only ideal option for us. We receive the product in our hand, without having to wait for it or for the correct processing of the transaction. Quickly, conveniently, without additional complications and unnecessary waiting for the purchased equipment.

Remember that stationary RTV stores can be treated as an option to test a given product. They often offer the possibility of making purchases over the Internet, on their official websites – if we make the decision to buy some time after testing the equipment on site, we can order it online. Usually, we will be able to pick it up stationary, and advertise it in this way, if necessary.


If we plan to buy electronic equipment for our own home and we are not convinced of a specific model or item that we would like to decide on, the most reasonable solution for us will be to visit an RTV store, where we will not only see the selected item live and test it in action, but we will also get expert advice on the choice, based on our individual needs, and not on what other people think about the thing. A visit to this type of place is also a great option for people who like to enjoy the purchase immediately after making it, and also prefer to be sure where exactly to report a possible return or complaint. Finally, it should be remembered that each new product purchased by us is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and often an additional one, given by the store itself. When buying on the Internet, we must be careful not to buy something second-hand at a price similar to new equipment.